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I shaved my legs for that?

This afternoon I wasted my time went to my doctor’s appointment. Even though when I woke up this morning the swelling had gone down by more then half and both knees hardly hurt at all I still thought I might as well go. For months now they have consistently been hurting, they were never sore one day and OK the next, but wouldn’t you know the day I make an appointment it seems to go away. What do you bet it’ll come back three fold tomorrow? Never-the-less I rushed around to get Possum fed and in a fresh nappy and to get Monkey redressed as she was only wearing half of her outfit I had put her in earlier. We somehow managed to get there spot on 3:45pm, the time my appointment was scheduled for. Why do I always rush to be on time for these things? Have I ever gotten in at the scheduled time? Even once? No sirree. While we were waiting Monkey did a poo in her nappy and because I foolishly thought we wouldn’t be all that long I didn’t bring the nappy bag so she was stinking up the place at a quick pace and Possum was getting very grumpy and restless because she was tired. The two ratty, 78 year old children’s books they had managed to keep the stinky monkey busy for about four and a half minutes and the stairs, ramp and some sick three year old girl (oh great.) filled in the rest of the time. Waiting rooms are fun! The doctor did come out eventually and I mean I really shouldn’t complain because what else would I have done for that HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES. Pshaw. Me? Busy? Nooo. Anyway, we went in and I attempted to tell him the story over Monkey who was sitting on my lap repeating every word I said as I said it and completely ignoring me telling her to stop. He seemed to get the basic idea and had a look, bended my legs a few times and tested different parts of my knee. In the end he told me it was probably wear and tear and to just take it a little easier with the stroller. In other words: Just wait it out. Maybe I’m on to something there, eh? No? Whatever.

The doctor also asked me if I had had Monkey’s eyes looked at. (I’d been to that doctor’s office, but not to him specifically, three times only to be told to just wait and see what happened.) He suggested I do the warm/hot compress three or four times a day. I’ll try that and I’m also going to try a bread poultice which was suggested by a work colleague of my mother. I’ll let you know if either help.


11 Responses

  1. Donna took her kids to the doc yesterday for colds. COLDS?? Come on! What do you suppose the doc said? Now all three are miserable at home…

    Have you tried taking aspirin regularly? Cold compress, then warm and alternate?

    I hear that helps.

  2. Donna took her kids to the doc yesterday for colds. COLDS?? Come on! What do you suppose the doc said? Now all three are miserable at home…

    Have you tried taking aspirin regularly? Cold compress, then warm and alternate?

    I hear that helps. (This is for your knee)

    Well isn’t it nice that a doctor actually recomended something for Monkey? I hope it didn’t put him out too much, y’know?

  3. What the hell????

  4. Damn, I hate it when that happens. I suppose if the Monkey’s condition improves then it was (sorta) worth it.

  5. Hope your knees hold up from all the ‘wear and tear’ and the recommendation works for Monkey. Are you still looking at going back to school to do your own “home remedies”? 🙂

  6. I love when you say “nappy” and “spot on.” Makes me happy. I’m going to start saying them. Or at least “spot on” – don’t really have a reason to go around saying “nappy.”

    Sorry you wasted your time, by the way. I typically avoid doctors, too, but when I go I want them to FIX IT.

  7. i’m most worried about monkey’s eyes (you may want to take her real name out of that last paragraph…). every day i think about how much it sucks that they want you to wait up to a YEAR for them to fix her eyes. it makes me angry.

  8. Whoops! Thanks Raz. It’s so hard to not type their names…sometimes I hate the whole anonymous thing.

  9. Ah, but you’re doing such a great job of it!

  10. ah bente… the FDr’s way is never fun… at night when your legs ache elevate them with a rolled up towel or pillow. If you can have a bath before bed that can sometimes take down swelling too. Sore knee’s really suck.. if it persists so should you.
    although at least maonkey had some one MENTION her eyes! can’t win em all eh?
    So cheers to waiting it out! you are on to something
    Mama J

  11. I have been here, just must have been quiet about it. Sorry!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. I’m a little freaked out that I’ve had some knee pain lately… figure it’s me getting too old to try new things like running on the treadmill… and that Bug had a cyst on her eyelid recently. (The doctor prescribed an antibiotic — amoxycillan? — to take over 10 days, and it’s just about gone now.)

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