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The knee bone’s connected to the…well, actually it’s just attached to some joints

I dislike going to the doctor. I will usually try and avoid it as long as possible. The way I see it is that eventually everything goes away on its own. Cold or flu? Please, don’t be a baby. Rash? Slap some moisturizing cream on and stop whining. Pregnant? Just wait nine months. OK, just kidding about the last one. Of course I’d be the first person to tell you to go to the doctor if you weren’t well and if it has to do with my kids then I take them as soon as possible, but me? I just wait it out.

So for, I don’t know, a couple months now my knees have been hurting like hell. They just ache and ache and it’s pretty painful most of the day. Also, the left one is all puffy and squishy and feels like it could just pop off any day now. I’m pretty sure the reason they’re like this is a result of pushing the heavy stroller and toddler seat (which I figure weighs in around 26kgs or 57ish lbs when both kids are in it) on slanted surfaces that cause it to tip and my knees then twist and turn while I try to prevent my children from crashing to the ground. Wonky shopping trolleys that have a mind of their own also have the same synovial joint damaging effect for me. I’m also thinking the fall off a thing I was standing on to take photos which I took directly on the left knee yesterday hasn’t helped. It was my knee or the hand holding the camera though so try and tell me you’d have chosen differently.

I pretty much thought the puffy knee would eventually go away and that if I walked more it would help the process along. Then I was talking with my mother and she said I should definitely see a doctor, but I still figured I’d wait a little longer. As the day went on my puffy knee got quite a bit worse and it split open and my knee cap came out in a flood of greenish purple liquid right across the kitchen and as I collapsed to the floor I thought to myself, “Meh. I’m sure this will just go away.” Alright, maybe that did not happen, but it does feel as though my knee cap might soon need swimming lessons. So I thought I’d call this new 24 hour registered nurse help line that they’ve started and see what they thought. Before I could finish my sentence about what was wrong she cut me off and said to go to a doctor. Now. Run! Wait, don’t run you’ve got a bad knee, but go as soon as possible. Needless to say, I’ve got an appointment tomorrow afternoon at 3:45pm.

I really hope they just tell me to wait it out.


6 Responses

  1. Uh….yeah…it will just go away!

    You nut! That sounds serious enough to go to a doctor! grrrrr……

  2. I COULD lecture you, but everyone else seems to be taking care of that. Anyway, we’re all that way a little bit, aren’t we?

  3. You take care of you, um kay? Those babies won’t raise themselves.

  4. My dear, I have very bad knee’s and I have had DR”s tell me you’ll gow out of it( when I was younger) and now the cartlidge in my right knee cap is all wore away….. an teh future I will have to get surgery to correct the pain. Please take teh nurses advice and don’t wait… If you’ve popped your knee out of joint or even have fluid under the knee cap you need to take preventive measures to make sure you WON”T need surgery in the future!
    I hope you make out better than that.. but don’t wait it out hun… it’s not worth the pain.
    love ya!
    Mama J

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