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Because I know how some of you are: Keep your minds out of that gutter.

Monkey is a thumb sucker. She had a dummy/pacifier/whatever you might call it for maybe the first month or two of her life, but she didn’t like it and went to the thumb completely on her own. She used to only suck on it when she was tired or in bed, but recently she has begun sucking it in the car, while watching TV, anytime really. Today I decided I’d start the process of ending the thumb sucking. I don’t expect this to happen over night or even in a few weeks, but I figured we had to start at some point and why not today. So while I was folding some laundry in the living room and she was sitting on the couch watching me and sucking her thumb I asked her to take her thumb out of her mouth and to try and only suck it when it was bedtime. She resisted at first and snuck out to the front door area to have a secret suck. I figured that was what she was up to and I busted her. This went on for the first couple hours, but soon she said to me, “No suck thumb. Only bedtime.” I thought to myself that this might be easier then I expected.

Um, yeah. Sure. Easy.

Where do you think I found Monkey when it was time for lunch? Mmhmm. In her bed. Sucking her thumb.

What do you do with that? She’s a sneaky little one.

thumb sucker


8 Responses

  1. Whoo-hoo-hoo! She’s a wiry one that girl. Catherine a thumb-sucker to. We try telling her that big girl’s don’t suck their thumbs. Then she replies with “I’m little”.

  2. Well, you may have a difficult time with the thumb, but it should make nap time easier!

  3. Amy, that is what Elli replies with to the big girl thing too! Except she says, “I’m only small!”

    Sharkey, nap time? Ha! I wish she still took a nap, but Monkey stopped them altogether about 8 or 9 months ago. It was a sad time for me, but I’ve since gotten used to it.

  4. I think I may have to say a silent prayer of thanks because I’ve never had to deal with this. The binky was gone at 6 months, and it was easy.

  5. Riley was a total thumb sucker, and it is MUCH harder than getting rid of a pacifier. One day she overheard one of her friend’s brother was sucking his thumb and she quit COLD TURKEY because she didn’t want her friend to find out she was a thumb sucker too. It was amazing.

    She’ll do it when she’s ready! It’s so cute though!

  6. well well well isn’t she the sly one.. hey she’s only doing what you told her… maybe bed time will be more exciting now!!! who knows, and a quick comment on your last post. That is really the best time to be content… it’s something that you never had before and now when you look around at your family alll togther.. it’s almost dream like sometimes. Lots of love to you and to the happy fam!

  7. Hi there i couldn’t find your email boo boo and i was wondering how you put those notes in your flickr pics… i think that is so neat but i don’t see anywhere how to do it?? please help! oh and that close up of the wee one is soooo cute…:)

  8. Hey Tanya! When you click on one of your photos there should be a line of things above it and the first one should say “add note”. Then you just go from there. Let me know if you have any luck!

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