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Toddler talk

Ten points to anyone who can guess what The Monkey is talking about when she says “Heligoat”.


Hint: It has nothing to do with this photo.

Update (09/14/2006): I put the answer in the comments. 🙂


28 Responses

  1. [her name] (wants her) coat. or [her name] (is) cold. or helicopter.

  2. Ahh, very sensible guesses raz, but no. Not even close. Honestly, I’ll be pretty surprised if anyone actually gets it right.

  3. I think she is saying:

    Let’s move to Canada so mimmi and grandad can spoil me rotten and I can spend weekends with them (Possum too) and you and daddy can have a whole weekend alone together every now and then.

  4. or how about: (name) wants to go out

  5. Mamma, you’re being too subtle. Why don’t you just say what you mean?

    And “Heligoat” does not involve her name at all, it’s an object.

  6. sounds like alligator a little, but don’t y’all have crocs down there instead of gators? or maybe it’s billygoat. or maybe i just don’t know! 🙂

  7. Are you, by chance, at the petting zoo when she says this?

    Hey let’s go
    Hey, it’s cold
    I’ve got a cold

    Yeah, with congestion playing a part, it’s got to be the last one. Tee hee.

  8. I’m stumped and I deal with children with speech impediments all day long! 🙂

  9. I have no clue, but I adore that photo.

  10. Rz, we do have crocs in Australia, but not in Victoria…it’s too cold for their brains to function. Also on a completely unrelated note did you know that they can control what sex a crocodile will be by controlling the temperature the eggs are hatched in?

    Oh, and heligoat has nothing to do with alligators or any animal for that matter. It’s a type of toy.

    undercover mutha, no, nope, nuh-uh annnd no (couldn’t think of another way to say no, jeepers I’m tired).

    Mrs. WN this is more of Monkey putting her own spin on a word than a speech impediment. She can actually say the real word, but this is a bit shorter I guess.

    Kalki, she’s a performer what else can I say?

  11. well, uh, geez, i wouldn’t know what to do with ten points anyway…prolly would put it toward my IQ points er sumthin’…

    one more guess? sure! how ’bout…nah, i got nothin’.

  12. rz, once I tell everyone what it means nobody will feel bad about not getting it, you’ll see. I think I should award you with 5 points for your perseverance (sp?) in guessing though, sooo…**5 POINTS TO RzDrms!

  13. Dorothy? (the dinosaur)

  14. I think that it may be hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm a evil goat plastic animal.
    A dog
    or a completley unrelated toy like a puzzle or something!
    I dunno
    Funny though

  15. Mamma, nope, not Dorothy.

    Jenn, so far you’ve come the closest with the puzzle, but still no cigar.

    I’ll tell you all the answer soon!

  16. Hmm. I used to baby sit a kid who said ‘eepa’ was ‘banana’ so I should be good at this but I’m not.


    Platypus? Play-doh???

    Cute outfit btw.

  17. thanks muchly for the five points, but i’ll gladly give ’em all back if you JUST TELL US WHAT SHE’S SAYING ALREADY!!! i keep walking around saying “heligoat,” “hellllEEEEgoat,” “hellagOat,” and so on. i’ve even named a recently-discovered pimple HELIGOAT! ::sigh:: 😉

  18. a heart? just don’t know what color??? or maybe the arrow through the heart that she was talking about the other night? I can’t stand this – I NEED TO KNOW!

  19. Alright, alright, alright. I wasn’t sure if I should update the post or put the answer here in the comments, but obviously I decided on the comments so here you go:

    And the answer is…Kaleidoscope!

    Andy brought her home a little one the other day and while she started out saying something that actually sounded like kaleidoscope it ended up as heligoat and that is what stuck.

  20. Holy damn. No way I would have got that. Ever.

  21. Petticoat ??

  22. Sorry, didn’t read your answer above….. it’s been a long day……

  23. Good one. I would have never gotten that!

  24. like, duh! i totally knew it was ‘kaleidoscope!’ i was totally faking it.

  25. not.

  26. ha ha … this has been my email for over a decade. i used to be obsessed with drawing animals that were half helicopters half goat. tell yer kid to quit ripping me off. ha.

  27. Half helicopter, half goat? That’s weird. But funny!

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