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She can’t handle the spew!

A few weeks back Possum had just finished a bottle and spit up a fair bit. Monkey was nearby and saw it splatter and she gagged and then ended up doing a little “spitting up” of her own. Mr. Blurry thought it was cute and said she was having a sympathetic reaction, but I passed it off as coincidental timing. There was a few more spewy times with Possum in the following weeks and Monkey usually gagged a little with each one and I realized she was in fact reacting to the spit up, though I still don’t think it was in sympathy. Then we have yesterday morning, Possum had gotten through half her bottle and she had done so pretty quickly so when I sat her up to burp her it all came up and went all over the carpet and various other places. Guess who was standing close enough to have their toes get splattered? Yeah, Monkey. There was a slight pause while she took in the horror of what had just occurred and within in seconds she was gagging, covering her mouth and walking back and forth. She kept apologizing to me as though she was doing something bad. How do you explain to a 2 1/2 year old that some people just have weak stomachs and it’s totally OK? She even came over to me and started rubbing my arm while she was apologizing, which I don’t get, but I think she was still in shock and trying anything to get her mind off of the few drops of disgusting vile her sister dared get on her toes. Lucky for everyone Monkey had not yet had her breakfast and all she did was gag so there was only one big spewy mess to clean up (Hooray for me.). Maybe I’m a bit sick, but I find this so funny. Who knew someone who will pick a piece of…food (let’s hope it was at least something we’re meant to ingest) off the bottom of their foot and eat it without a second thought could actually have a weak stomach?


2 Responses

  1. Wel well well who woulda thought.. the poor darlin’ Ihope for your sake that there are not too many 3 year old cleanups in the future… baby spit up is one thing 3 year old puke well thats another!

  2. Poor Monkey! Is it horrible that I too find it funny? I just called Judy to tell her the story. That possibly makes me meaner.

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