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Sorry Jesus

Monkey has taken to repeating a few things that are said around the house lately. Things that shouldn’t have been said in front of her in the first place. Among them are shit – which I rarely say, but she has still picked it up and used it in proper context a couple times, dickhead (ex: Said to Mr. Blurry, “Come to the kitchen…dickhead.”) – which we only use in a light hearted way, and the one she was using the most: Jesus Christ! She not only says this one, but growls it out through clenched teeth when she is frustrated. I have no excuses for this one. I know I say it and I know I say it a lot. Even Mr. Blurry spouts this one off now and I’m pretty sure he didn’t ever say it when I first met him. I’m sorry if anyone is offended by my potty mouth and I’m working on not saying the last one so much if that helps any.

I’ve tried ignoring Monkey whenever she uses J.C. to express her frustration, but that didn’t work. Most times she said it it wasn’t even an attempt at getting attention so she really didn’t care if I reacted or not. If it was being used as an attention grabber she’d repeat it, possibly louder, until she knew I had heard the offending phrase. Eventually she got a little out of control with her use-age of those two words and I just started telling her that it was a naughty thing to say and after a few times of explaining this it seemed to work. She still occasionally says it, but apologizes to me straight away, even if I didn’t hear her. The apology she means to say is, “Sorry for saying Jesus Christ, Mummy.”, but instead what comes out is, “Sorry Jesus.” Or, I don’t know, maybe she feels some Catholic guilt from her great grandmother because I know that isn’t coming from me.

Also, I’m pretty sure Possum is somewhere between 15 and 20% old man.



8 Responses

  1. Old man? Please, more info.

    Ah the swearing phase. So funny but perplexing at the same time. John Angus says “Jesus” in context quite a bit. I believe there were a few occasions where the “F” word was pulled out of his pocket as well….

  2. I used to do that when I was little. In the most inopportune times. Once my grandmother was in the car, and I was in the back seat saying over and over “Shit, shit, shit, shit” my mom nearly had a heart attack. Hasn’t improved over time……..??

    Cute little possum.

  3. Oh, that possum pic is the cutest!

    I read this entire post aloud to Rob because I loved it. And also, I’ve now started calling him ‘dickhead’ – thanks to you. 🙂

  4. I was really bad about saying “God damn it!” a few years back until SpyDad told me I was doing it all the time. I got it from my Dad.

    Yesterday, I screamed “FUCK!” at a minivan about to pull out into me. I’m hoping that GadgetGirl has selective hearing. She hasn’t repeated it, yet.

  5. Well then, this eliminates one of the reasons I have for not having kids. Apparently, I CAN curse. I mean, you’re saying shit and undercovermutha is dropping the freaking F-bomb. Who knew?!

  6. Well, Kalki beat me to my thought, because I was GOING to say “Well, this is one more reason I shouldn’t have kids.” But, maybe, kids saying “shit” or “dickhead” aren’t the worst of the world’s problems.

  7. What an adorable little possum!!

    Hugo’s not even two yet and I’ve heard him say ‘faaaa’ in the right context. BAD. Luc and I have subsequently stopped swearing in front of him. Ok. We’re trying.

    And I love how your little monkey says ‘Sorry Jesus’. SOooooooo bloody cute 😉

  8. Your girls are both adorable. The little old man comment is great–I totally see it.

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