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A few things I’ve been meaning to blog about

1. Two of my lovely blogging friends sent me and my kiddos some gifties.

The beautiful Jana sent Possum a very cute, personalized bib that states “Geocacher in Training”. Aren’t personalized gifts the best? Mr. Blurry saw the bib, loved it and said he wanted it for himself. As Possum began to cry I reminded Mr. Blurry that he was no longer a geocacher in training and he gave it back.

The ravishing Kalki sent a tidy package which included a Taggies book for Possum (which she loves to chew on), a big sister book for Monkey, some ever-so-comfy socks for me and Possum and a basket of bath goodies (cucumber and melon – yum!) just for me.

They were both such nice surprises guys. Thank you very much!

Since I’m giving baby gift props out I shouldn’t leave out the jaw dropping Amy B, a regular commenter on my blog (and my best friend for the last 27 years) who sent some extremely cute onsies (one of which she is wearing today!) for the possum a couple months ago. Just because she never writes on her blog anymore (AHEM!) doesn’t mean I should leave her out.

There is no photographic evidence of any of these gifts as yet, but I’ll be sure to point them out in any future shots.

2. Possum is now on formula. I switched her about five weeks ago. I made the switch, regretted the decision after less then 24 hours, tried to go back to the breast, but it was too late. So she is now a bottle baby and I’m quite fine with that. I breastfed her for 11 weeks and compared to two weeks with Monkey I’m quite proud of myself. Plus my reason for switching was I never had any time for Monkey and I now have quite a bit as Possum is much more settled and has two or three good naps a day.

I’m sure anyone without kids is thinking, why do I care? And I’m sure you don’t, but anyone who has struggled with breast feeding will know it is such a hard decision and very a guilt inducing choice. This is kind of like my confession. You know, if I was Catholic and all of you were a priest and formula feeding was a sin. Which I’m not and you’re not (wait. are you?) and it’s not, but it’s like that.

Another check for WordPress: I’m realizing as I write this that it automatically saves the post every couple minutes. What a great idea! I’m loving something new about WP every day.

3. There’s not really a third (I thought I had more to say), but since I said a few things in the title I’ll add an update on the Monkey sleeping situation.

We completely changed the Monkey’s room around which included a HUGE wardrobe two nights ago. It seemed to help the first night as she slept in her bed (after two nights in the tent) and didn’t wake up until 5:00am. She still needed me to sleep in her room then, which I did for about 45 minutes before Possum woke up, but it was an improvement none-the-less. Then last night she woke up around 2:00am and came into our room. Henry was the culprit again, so I’m not too sure how we’re going to fix this and we need to fix it because as much as I love the little Monkey I also love to sleep and sleeping with a two and a half year old ain’t no picnic.

*Why don’t blog spell checkers include the word blog in their dictionary? This one doesn’t even include WordPress. What the?


6 Responses

  1. My very good friend was determined to breast feed, but after two weeks she got really sick. The doctor said breast feeding had caused some sort of massive infection. So today she pumps instead and her baby is just the sweetest, most beautiful, healthy girl. Your little Possum will be no exception.

  2. You calling me ‘ravishing’ just made my day. I think that makes me pathetic, but I don’t care.

    LOVE the bib idea. Wish I’d thought of that. (I actually did go to the geocaching store looking for something for Possum, but didn’t find anything. And I am SO not crafty… I’m glad Jana could represent.)

  3. If that’s your only complaint about WordPress, then we’re doing good. I can’t even say that I miss Blogger even a little bit.

    I only got to BF for about 2 months, and I have to say that formula is so much easier…and so much more expensive. Just trade in that banana buying habit of yours, and you’ll be okay.

  4. Oh, and Jana and Kalki ROCK!

  5. There is a lot of pressure to breast feed. I went with a preggers friend to the first pre-natal (SP??) class and one of the first things that they talked about was breastfeeding. It was assumed it’s what you do. She ended up doing it (she said she did it because it was cheaper!) but another girlfriend did not. I didn’t ask her why, but I’m sure it’s personal reasons for both doing it differently. I support ya Bente!

    Must say that I had never been to a pre-natal class and when the nurse showed us a stuffed version of a pregnant woman, and then I saw the stuffed version of the placenta I almost left the building. Jeez Louise….

  6. Thanks for the good press!

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