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The new crack

Yesterday I splurged on a relatively high priced item. Actually I splurged on three.

I stood in front of them for about five minutes weighing the pros and cons, deciding if it was worth spending that much money on such a small thing. We hadn’t had one in our house for what seems like forever, but was that really a reason? I thought about what Mr. Blurry Eyes reaction would be if I dared bring some home: He’d be a little critical, but his excitement would be bound to win him over in the long run. And The Monkey! I knew she would want me to go for it, but would a two and a half year old really appreciate what she was getting? As all these thoughts were running around my head a strange woman appeared out of nowhere and whispered in my ear, “Might as well be buying gold.” She was right, but dammit! If my family isn’t worth gold then who is? And off to the cashier I went with my golden treat in tow.

As I walked out of the store people stood and stared and I heard their mummers of, “Who does she think she is?” and “I better not hear that family whine about the price of fuel.” But I continued on with my head held high trying to appear confident I’d hadn’t just made a big mistake.

Monkey and Mr BE couldn’t believe their eyes as I brought them through the front door, but the smiles on their faces told me that I had made the right choice. Only now we faced a new problem: We’d all had a taste of the good life and there was no turning back.

Today I went out and bought three more.

What have I started? I don’t know if we’ll be able to finance this new lifestyle. Am I destined to a life of crime to pay for our golden fix each week? Or, god help us, each day? Is the potassium really worth all the trouble this could bring to our house?

Yes. You read that correctly – potassium. Bananas are currently running at $12.00/kg. I paid $5.37 for three yesterday and $6.12 for three today and I’m not the least bit ashamed to share that information with all of you. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to peel my next hit.


13 Responses

  1. Good Gravy!! That’s an outrageous price! They’re sooo good for you though. Good for you!

  2. Why so ‘spensive? I paid 59 cents/lb this week for them. (~1.30/kg) Weird. Is there a banana shortage I don’t know about?

  3. Oh my! That is expensive! But, I guess sometimes you just have to splurge! Enjoy!

  4. Sheesh! Who knew banana’s could cost that much? I’ll take my cheap banana’s any day. Did you enjoy their expensive goldenness by themselves or did you doctor them up with some ‘cheap’ addition? 🙂

  5. Wow!

    I paid a whopping $1.03 (canadian) for 6 bananas. And to think I was complaining!

  6. Amy, and they taste so good!

    Ern, yes there is a shortage. Pretty much all the banana crops were wiped out in a cyclone. Hopefully things will get back to normal once the new ones have all grown.

    Lori, we will!

    Sheila, we enjoyed them all by themeselves. I considered making up a fruit salad, but we were all too impatient – they were gone just a few minutes after getting them in the door!

    Sherri, that’s still pretty expensive. They’re usually pretty cheap here under normal circumstances.

  7. Oh bananas! I’ve been buying them secretly, just one at a time and scarfing it down before I get home. Have to walk along the street and look very furtive to make sure I don’t get caught….to think I used to have a banana on my cereal every morning!

  8. Oh I know Jen! Just tonight I was thinking about how many times I bought so many bananas each week that I’d often have to throw one or two out because they didn’t get eaten. My how quickly things can change!

  9. Awesome post! Loved it. And girl, I would totally mail you some bananas if you think they could get through customs. (Er, and not spoil during transit.)

  10. Hey There Blurry loving the new look….. You really gave me something to think about! Because your just never ever know.
    But that is like buying crack….. and just think if you eat to many you will get constipated sooooo slowwwwwwww down.
    Tee hee

  11. Holy crackmolio. Here I thought that there was a surplus because they went from $.42 per pound to $.29 per pound. Wowzers.

  12. I’m jealous!! I haven’t bought a banana in months as they’re…. wait for it…. $16/kg here in Sydneytown.

    Banana on cereal. Yum. That thought alone might be enough to tempt me to splurge!

  13. […] Remember when bananas cost $12.00/kg? Man, how crazy was that? Am I right? When I found out my brother was coming for a visit bananas were still very expensive and he usually eats three or more a day. A day! Anyway as it got closer to his visit they started dropping dramatically in price which I assume can only be attributed to my “triple twist, shake your booty, high leg kick and spin around banana dance” I did every morning or, I don’t know, the fact that all the crops destroyed the previous season had re-grown. My money is on the dance, but whatever. Anyway they came down to around $3.00/kg, but it didn’t even matter because even though I bought a ton of bananas for him on more then one occasion? He hardly ate any and I ended up throwing out a bunch of them. But! They have come down even more and this afternoon I bought five at $1.89/kg. Thank goodness for that because E has started eating one or two a day again. […]

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