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I knew that Octopus was trouble

The Monkey has been waking up throughout the night screaming or crying or completely freaking out since as long as I can remember. We never really knew why for a long time because she was too young to attempt telling us what the problem was, but it’s becoming more and more clear that the problem is she is having nightmares. This is something I can completely sympathize with her about because I still, at 27, have terrible, creepy nightmares that wake me up with my heart racing and can make it hard for me to fall back to sleep.

The last two nights monkey has woke up and told us that Henry the Octopus scared her. When we ask what Henry did she just says “Henry. AHHHH.”. I don’t know for sure if this means he screams at her or he makes her scream, but either way it’s keeping her awake.

Tonight she wouldn’t go to bed in her bed because she said it was too scary. She wanted to sleep with us, but instead we came up with a compromise – she’s sleeping in her tent. (I couldn’t help but think of Bug when she said that was what she wanted.) The ironic part (at least I think it’s ironic. Damn you Alanis!) is it’s a Wiggles tent. The camp out is only for tonight, though, and tomorrow we’re going to try and find a more permanent solution.


2 Responses

  1. Whoa, how does it know who I am when this is my first comment here? Fuh-reaky.

    Poor Monkey. It’s no fun when bed is a scary place. The tent was a creative solution!

  2. I remember when Rachel used to have night terrors. *shudder*

    She’d wake up just screaming bloody murder like there was someone trying to steal her or something. She seemed to grow out of it quickly now that I think about it. Hopefully Monkey will to.

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